Charlie Miller Mar 3, 2012

Everything has been moving ahead However the rain has slowed us down a lot. This is the first year we have seen this much rain here in Manta.

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    These are the most exciting pictures yet! It is really starting to take shape, it always so much more satisfying once construction gets out of the ground isn’t it?

    I see another building that is giving you some competition to the left, I thought you also owned the lot beside the Poseidon.

    We are going to have to come down this year to check out the building before it gets too far along. Thanks for all the efforts to make this project a reality!


    Warren Rogers March 8 2012

    Hello not sure if you received your deeds yet or if you had your apartment altered with out your approval from the new owners.However if you need help to get your money back plus interest let me know. I don’t think it is fair what they have done to the clients. Let me know you can reach me at

    Charlie Miller July 22 2015

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