Charlie Miller Feb 2, 2011

From the time we set foot in Ecuador, we were in awe of the beauty and versatility of this country. For those investors still to come,
a few days in Quito is well worth the time. Side trips from here will leave you breathless (not just the thin air, but the Andes mountains.!). There are
any number of tour companies you can hook up with….we found a fellow that was a great driver, reasonably priced, had alot of knowledge
about the area, spoke good English, and had
great ideas for side tours…his name, Carlos Cordero. You may contact him at

Upon arriving in Manta, we were treated to the best hospitality around in the form of Fred and Charlie. They arranged day trips through
fishing villages, the orphanage and great restaurants as well as a four day tour down to Cuenca and Salinas. We had an English speaking
guide, Diego who bailed us out of more than one situation with the language barrier! We were in Ecuador a total of 24 days and just have
to say, we never had one “bad” meal. The food is delicious (of course Fred gave us a little tip on which places on the Malecon had water
filters) and the price is unbelievable. $2.50 will get you a large plate of shrimp and rice…$4.50 will get you chicken, rice, vegetables and plantain and you’ll
be asking for a doggy bag!

Charlie and Fred did a great job of bringing us up to date on the construction and future projects in Manta and area. It is so exciting to see
what is happening and we look forward to seeing the changes in a return trip. Also, Charlie mentioned that once the digging is done at the
condo site, they will be installing a webcam. Wow! live pics of our investment money at work!

We’ve attached a few pictures….only one of the site…it was taken early on just to show the view. A few weeks have passed since then and they were down to
bedrock before we left. A few scenery pictures, and a picture of the eight Canadians with Charlie and Fred
at yet another wonderful restaurant!

Looking forward to returning to Ecuador…the gentle people and the wonderful area. Words cannot describe and pictures do not do justice….you have
to see it first hand.
Jim & Marilyn Mcinnes

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