Charlie Miller Mar 3, 2011

After spending 3 1/2 weeks in one of the most beautiful countries – now back in Edmonton for a week – I find myself dreaming of being back in Ecuador. The Andes are incredible, the scenery will take your
breath away. Each little town is known for one thing or another – panama hats, knockoff jeans, Indian market, handmade guitars, leather, ice cream or biscuits and cheese. Each having their own specialty yet together forming the unique culture of Ecuador. You can’t help but be drawn to the rich history of the country and it’s people. So very interesting whether you’re a history buff or not (I’m not). And that was only our first week in Quito and area. Then we flew off to the coast. A short hop thru clear skies over the Andes and then – WOW – there it was – endless coastline and the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Manta was all we expected and more. Quaint, old world, mixed with modern restaurants and shops. Awesome food, drink and frivolity (karaoke is big) mixed with old world culture and customs (family is everything). Beautiful beach and ocean (22 degrees all year round and not too salty) mixed with commerce and progressive development. The current government is moving forward in leaps and bounds, overhauling the school system, building universities, overhauling the justice system, investing in massive infastructure projects and instituting laws setting boundaries to improve the quality of life while preserving all that is Ecuador. The people we met and the development we saw firsthand is all the indication we needed to feel totally confident that our investment was secure. The entire Manta area is abound with opportunities – for investment – for retirement – for peace, health and tranquility OR for sport, activities, commerce and action. Whatever you want to do – you could do it in Manta and the surrounding area. Even after all we did and all we saw, there is so much more to do and see. As one famous Californian said “I’ll be baaack!!!!!”

Judy & Brian Dietz

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