Charlie Miller May 5, 2013

Dear Charlie:

I am so glad with this visit to Manta and specially with the Municipality who approved all the drawings and all the new ideas for the project.

we had some of our staff at site, they are going to prepare everything for the restart of the building, one of the first steps that we are going to do this two or three next weeks will be:

1. Bring the maintenance crew to take care of all the equipment; tower crane, elevators, generator, etc. and set them for work.

2. Contact the block and bricks fabric for the restart of the production.

3. Contact the steel company and set the schedule for the rest of the structure.

4. Contact Holcim concrete company and set the schedule for the last 4 levels and some other small things that are left.

5. Bring part of the construction crew from other projects and hire the rest of workers.

6. Bring back all the engineers that worked at site.

I am sure that everything will be fine in couple weeks. I am so happy with the new finishes suggestions that we received from our Architect Ermel, this will give the building much more elegance and prestige and I am sure your clients will love them.

Nice weekend,

Mdi. Esteban Fiallo Reyes

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