Charlie Miller Jun 6, 2013

Dear Charlie

This week we have initiated the preparation of the structure for 13 and 14 level, as you can see at the pictures everyone is performing different activities, some of them are working with the steel beams some others with the steel bars, some others with the frames, etc.

In one of the photos you can appreciate that our Human resources manager is hiring more guys for the rest of the activities that we have to start on the next weeks. One of this activities is to install blocks to create the internal and external walls of the building. As I told you the other week, we have ordered some trucks with blocks and this week we will receive some more for the beginning of this stage.

Next week we plan to receive the rest of the beams and columns for the installation of the 15 and 16 floors, once we get them in couple of months we will be finished at the structure stage,

I´ll keep you informed.

Best regards,

Mdi. Esteban Fiallo Reyes



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