Charlie Miller Mar 3, 2011

Dave and I would like to thank Fred, Charlie and Diego for a great time in Ecuador. Two weeks was not long enough though. We really enjoyed the little trips to the countryside to see the real Ecuador. The people were very interesting and friendly. Diego made a great guide and took very good care of us. Charlie took time out of his busy schedule to show us things and update us on how the project was going. We got to see the start of the construction – a big hole with a great view of the ocean. Can’t wait until we can actually move in and enjoy it. We got to meet two other couples who are also going enjoy spending time in Ecuador. Thank you Fred for giving us this opportunity at a great retirement. For those who have purchased a condo – get down there to check it out. You will also be anxious to see it and can’t wait to meet all of you in 2012. Hope all is well with you guys. Missing being in Ecuador for sure. Wanted to tell you how very much Brian & I enjoyed our adventure and all the time spent with you two great guys and our other Canadian “new neighbors”. Wish it could have been more. Thanks so very, very much for looking after us so nicely. Made our experience so much more enjoyable and informative. Please pass along thanks and greetings to Diego, Sandra and Jesse also. They seem to be great people. Their loyalty and consideration for you two is apparent. What a beautiful country! More than we ever expected to see. From the Andes highlands to the Amazon (which we’ll for sure explore further next trip) to the coast and Manta. Incredible scenery, people, places and culture. I especially loved our visit to the orphanage. I can certainly see myself being involved in that endeavor. The help you are giving them is heartwarming. So many things to see and do – next trip. Again, big thanks for your hospitality. Take good care of yourselves. Hope to speak with you / see you again soon. Brian & Judy Dietz

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