Charlie Miller Feb 2, 2013

The crews have to return work yesterday. We will need to wash the building with sweet water and check the structure for damage from the Earth quake. How ever just a quick visual with the engineers yesterday and seems there is no damage to the structure this is great news indicating that the we are building a very Strong Building.

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    Woke up to read that Ecuador was the top place for retirement and some new pics and info for our condo there. It’s a good day :)

    Thanks for the update,

    Dorothy Wheeler February 21 2013

    Hello not sure if you received your deeds yet or if you had your apartment altered with out your approval from the new owners.However if you need help to get your money back plus interest let me know. I don’t think it is fair what they have done to the clients. Let me know you can reach me at

    Charlie Miller July 22 2015

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