Charlie Miller Dec 12, 2012

Hope every one had a great Christmas. We are looking forward to the restart of the building in January 2013
As you can see we will have a Beautiful view from the upper levels.

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    Hello Charlie I was just wondering if there was any more news on the project as it started back since the xmas holidays as we are all waiting to hear on how the it is going. It has been a while since you have given a update with pictures I know you must be busy but sure would like to hear how things are going. You had meet up with Ben in Calgary and we have not hear anything since then.
    Thanks in advance
    Colette Briere

    colette briere February 14 2013

    Hello not sure if you received your deeds yet or if you had your apartment altered with out your approval from the new owners.However if you need help to get your money back plus interest let me know. I don’t think it is fair what they have done to the clients. Let me know you can reach me at

    Charlie Miller July 22 2015

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