Charlie Miller Aug 8, 2011
Still working on the base should be pouring cement this coming week.Poseidon
Seems as though our the Mr Harper the leader of Canada feels south America is the next boom area. This is good to see also he signed some significant trade agreements. IArent you glad you made the investemt here!!!! I am very happy I invested here as Manta is starting to grow and I still feel this is the place to be The weather is spectacular today and the Whales are jumping out of the water in front of my Condo as I write this Post to you. Life is Grande!!! Will take the afternoon to give out some clothes and Toys to the kids around Manta I will try to post some of the pictures later. Take care everyone.

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    I understand there was a cave in of your building. Something about poor construction…

    Dixie August 24 2011

    Hello not sure if you received your deeds yet or if you had your apartment altered with out your approval from the new owners.However if you need help to get your money back plus interest let me know. I don’t think it is fair what they have done to the clients. Let me know you can reach me at

    Charlie Miller July 22 2015

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